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LinkUnite is approaching, and we're excited!

Jen and Tracy are off to Pendry Park, Utah to join other members of LinkUnite, a membership based community of female founders and executives that was founded on the premise of encouraging a supportive and collaborative environment. Women of the digital marketing and related industries join to meet, connect, support, encourage and develop relationships that becomes opportunities to connect one another with people they 'should just know'. When positive people connect, good things happen. Introductions are made without expectation of something in return, a refreshing and welcome way to collaborate.

In their words... "LinkUnite is a movement aimed at uniting communities and the greatest minds in marketing and wider industries. Poised to break barriers and elevate the soul, LinkUnite is where egos are left at the door and members are encouraged to connect. Create and discover the next level of your career and cultivate a new extended family. Connect, Create, Unite. LinkUnite."

Learn more about LinkUnite at Linkedin here.

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