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Digital Thrive Furthers Marketing and Compliance Efforts - Nabs Preeminent Marketing ATTORNEY

Digital Thrive, LLC Furthers Marketing Domination and Compliance Efforts - Nabs Preeminent Marketing Attorney Puja Amin from loanDepot

Austin, TX, April 25, 2022 --( Digital Thrive is still a relatively small company who is making plenty of noise in the Martech world. Powered by a proprietary technology platform, their core focus is on working with national Insurance Carriers to provide high quality, high intent consumer leads to their licensed agents. Started in 2016, Digital Thrive has built a stable base on national carrier clients by providing the highest level of compliance-focused, white-glove service led by Co-founder and CEO, Jennifer Mansfield. While the company is already renowned for its compliance-first mindset to lead generation, delivering tens of thousands of satisfied customers a month to high-quality insurers using lawful engagement techniques. Now it is doubling down on its commitment to compliance with the retention of the company's first general counsel, Puja J Amin.

Puja Amin is one of the best known legal names in the Martech world. As prior corporate counsel for loanDepot -one of the most recognized brands in the mortgage vertical - she helped assure that mis

sion critical consumer outreach was both brand-enhancing and perfectly lawful. She had oversight for the entire enterprise marketing effort at loanDepot and was the primary legal resource assisting in all marketing efforts nationwide. She was the company's one-stop shop for the panoply of legal issues arising out of loanDepot's renowned (and highly successful) branding and marketing efforts, both leading up to - and coming out of - its critical IPO.

Pivoting to Digital Thrive, Puja will now be focused on assuring that the company continues to grow as one of the top performance marketing and call and lead suppliers in the industry. She plans to draw deeply on her experience at loanDepot to assure that Digital Thrive offers an extremely attractive quality lead offering: "I know exactly what sorts of legal issues arise in the lead generation space," Puja says, "As the chief marketing counsel for one of the biggest lead buyers in the nation, I always looked to assure that my lead partners were highly compliant and accountable for errors. Moving to the seller side, my plan is to eliminate those errors completely and establish Digital Thrive as the absolute peak of market in this space. If compliant leads are what your enterprise is after, I'm here to assure that Digital Thrive is your first, safest, and best stop." Digital Thrive could not be more pleased to have landed a legal whale like Puja: "We are absolutely beyond thrilled that Puja chose to join us," said Jennifer Mansfield, Digital Thrive’s CEO. "She met with a number of players in the space and her decision to join Digital Thrive is incredible validation for us. It demonstrates beyond question that our compliance-focused model is the right model for our industry. When tremendous and highly-sought after talent like Puja choose to join our shop over all of the other firms out there, we know we are doing something right."


Digital Thrive Jennifer Mansfield 512-221-7441

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