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And That’s a Wrap for #Medicarians22!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

And that’s a wrap for #Medicarians22! Thank you for having us (Digital Thrive), Medicarians (and AmeriLife for the special panel session!).

I know I turned some heads at the Medicare Marketing panel when I said that the reason so many direct-to-consumer marketers stumbled last year wasn’t “market conditions”—it was BAD LEADS. Plain and simple. Companies are spending money on leads that don’t convert and picking up #tcpa and regulatory risk in the process. Terrible. No wonder profits are down.

Companies hoping to grow using cheap leads are getting what they’re paying for—and it isn’t growth.

Its FAILURE. The consumer has to come first, and Digital Thrive is going to make that happen. Want to meet other vendors and partners who TRULY care about the TCPA? Then come see me (and Eric Troutman speaking at Contact Center Compliance’s HUGE TCPA Summit! No better place to learn about the TCPA and other compliance issues while connecting with folks that take this stuff seriously.

By Puja Amin, General Counsel Digital Thrive

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