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Tips to Becoming More Productive at Home

Many aspects of our lives are looking different due to safety measures from COVID-19.

Here are some tips from DIG to help you adjust to the new work at home life!

  • Less time for devices

From virtual meetings, catching up with friends, and watching many activities nowadays are online. Because of this increased screen time, it’s necessary to take breaks from all the device usage. Making sure you’re taking that essential time off from electronics can help you clear your mind and be more productive.

  • Planning

It’s important to plan your day by making to-do lists or using planners. When we are mostly at home, it’s easy to stop working and get comfortable. But if you have a to-do list, you can stay on track and know your expectations for that day. If you set up a feasible schedule, the chances are you will follow through!

  • Learn new things

There’s no better time to try new things than when you’re just at home. There are plenty of free resources out there to venture out and experiment. Who knows if you might end up with a career from a new hobby found in quarantine?

  • Take care of your mind and body

Although we want to be working and staying efficient, it’s easy to overwork ourselves when we don’t know when or how to take rest. Let your mind and body relax from time to time and treat yourself to special things. Meditation, exercise, or even sleep can help you immensely get back on track.

  • Routines

If you have a routine you must follow through, it’s much easier to get things done. Daily, you’ll have a special routine made for yourself, and it’s easier for your mind and body to know what to expect when you wake up, work, or go to bed.

  • Dress for work

It’s so easy to stay in your PJs the whole day to be comfortable. While comfort is crucial, you might find it helpful to dress like you’re actually working at work or school so you can tap into that productive mindset.

  • Clean environment

Nothing beats cleanliness with regard to productivity. Studies show that having a clean workspace can boost the work environment and productivity.

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