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Texas Early Voting Begins October 13th

Early voting in Texas for the 2020 General Election will officially begin on October 13th and end on October 30th. Registered voters will have the opportunity to vote at any polling location within their respective counties. Voters can find early voting locations in their area, learn what’s on the ballot, and more by visiting the VoteTexas website.

Early voting hours vary by location, so voters are highly encouraged to visit the VoteTexas website and confirm their polling locations hours of operation. Ballots can typically be cast from Monday through Saturday from 7AM to 7PM, and Sunday from 12PM to 6PM. Additionally, voting mega-centers will remain open until 9PM on October 28th throug 30th. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd, and voting polls will be open from 7AM to 7PM. Don’t forget -- as long as you are in line before 7PM on Election Day, you will be able to cast your ballot!

Our team at Digital Thrive encourages you to learn more about what’s on the ballot and cast your vote at the polls early! Early voting not only provides more flexibility and gives voters more opportunity to cast their ballot at the polls, but also results in faster and more efficient Election Day lines. Why wait in line for hours on November 3rd, when you can visit a polling site near you starting October 13th!

For more information on early voting by state, please visit this website.

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