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Remote Working Tips & Tricks

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

In such little time, everyone across the world was able to adapt to a remote environment for work and school. But that does not mean that we have all the kinks worked out for remote working and learning.

The problems that remote working throws at us can look like video meeting fatigue, strained eyes, non-functioning webcams, or even managing your child’s remote schedule. Luckily,

Fast Company provides some ideas and tips on how to enhance your everyday virtual experience.

Just like most other companies, Digital Thrive continues to work remotely for the safety of our community and our employees. In today’s environment, we do everything we can to take advantage of tips and convert them into tricks that help us work efficiently individually and as a team, and we are continuously thriving with whatever is presented to us.

Follow this link to read more at Fast Company

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