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Medicarians Recap from the Dig Team

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Thoughts on the newly minted #medicarians show from our team members who attended...

I was excited to have our GC, Puja, attending and speaking at the Medicarians show, and had hopes for this to open doors with potential new clients who would see the importance we place on compliance-focused marketing. We're bis fans and supporters of both InsureTech Connect and LeadsCon, and figured with Connectiv behind this we would definitely

experience some strong networking opportunities.

This was the first time I've attended the show, not just under its new rebrand as Medicarians, but I hadn't attended it prior either, as the focus tended to be more on Medicare Supplement, which is a smaller focus for our company. However, I was looking forward to seeing some industry veterans as well as hopefully connect with potential new clients. Unfortunately for us, the show consisted mostly of vendor contacts looking for B2B contacts, meaning they were attempting to sell their product or service to a carrier vs enabling us to connect with contacts at the carrier or provider level who were interested in engaging with a traffic and/or technology partner. I'm hoping that will change a bit for the next iteration of Medcarians so companies like ours can also benefit from attending. That said, it was good to see some old familiar faces, and connect again with current clients who we always love to see in person!

Jennifer Mansfield, CEO

"I thought Medicarians was a good marriage between carriers and lead gen. There were a lot more clients and familiar faces than excepted, so it almost became a mini LeadsCon. I didn't start with as many scheduled meetings as I normally would have but wound up with just as many by the time I showed up. What's great about that is that it forced everyone to mingle a bit more than they might usually and meet new people who may not understand what it is we do, not every meeting was a win and that's ok! I think next years show is going to be huge and mandatory for anyone in the Medicare space."

Mike Myles, VP Partnerships

"I know I turned some heads at the Medicare Marketing panel when I said that the reason so many direct-to-consumer marketers stumbled last year wasn’t “market conditions”—it was BAD LEADS. Plain and simple. Companies are spending money on leads that don’t convert and picking up #tcpa and regulatory risk in the process. Terrible. No wonder profits are down.

Companies hoping to grow using cheap leads are getting what they’re paying for—and it isn’t growth.

Its FAILURE. The consumer has to come first, and Digital Thrive is going to make that happen."

Puja Amin, In-house General Counsel

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