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Interview with the CEO: Part 2

In our previous interview with Jen Mansfield, Digital Thrive's CEO and cofounder, Jen discussed her journey with entrepreneurship, her love for marketing and advertising, and her previous work experiences in New York City. In the second part of our interview, Jen shares why she founded Digital Thrive in 2015, her company's recognition in the Inc. 5000 list, and her aspirations for her team at Digital Thrive 5 years from now.

In 2015, Digital Thrive launched as a Martech and Insuretech marketing company, offering tailor-made solutions within the Senior, Insurance, and Home Services industry. What motivated you to predominantly work within the Medicare and Insurance sector?

Really, it came down to the growth potential I saw in the space, and how it aligned with our company vision for technology expansion. We knew that we could build a technology that would support the transparency and growth that large public and private companies required, and by focusing our efforts within the niche insurance space, we enhanced our growth measures in a faster period of time.

I'm a believer in the importance of staying focused on 1 or 2 things that you’re good at, growing and improving those until they are well-oiled, self-sustaining (as relatively speaking as possible) and then taking that model and replicating it for other industries. Growth can occur in short bursts, or in prolonged periods, and I’ve found that the prolonged periods are the ones that are the most stable, and sustainable.

This August, Digital Thrive was recognized in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, ranking #437 with a growth rate of 968.91%. What does this recognition mean to you and your team, and how does this reflect your company’s growth over the years?

It’s exciting!

I always knew what we could achieve with the right team in place, and for us, the team made all the difference. We have struggled in the past with hiring, and that impacted our growth markers directly. I found myself spending more time training and dealing with staff that was not as autonomous as we needed, which took away from my ability to drive our focus and client growth efforts. Now that we have the right team in place, I know we will continue to see these growth markers year over year. Steady, stable growth is our goal, and we expect to double our revenues from 2020 to 2021.

This year has flown by, and we are now amidst the fourth quarter. What are some goals you and your team have for the end of the year?

For us, Q4 is the most hectic time of year since we are so heavily focused on Medicare and Health Insurance. That’s the Open Enrollment time period, which means consumers can switch their health policies without any penalties, and it becomes easier to identify and attract those consumers for our clients. During Q4 our marketing spends triple, yet our staff size remains the same, so it's a whirlwind 6 weeks.

Where do you see Digital Thrive five years from now?

My goal is to keep our team to a staff of 20 or less, and that we have expanded our technology and marketing funnels to include other lines of insurances, consumer and home services divisions. The dream is to build a comprehensive consumer base that we can offer a variety of cost-saving benefits to, powered by our technology platform that will allow us to optimize our marketing strategies and continue to drive highly qualified consumers to our clients in the most cost effective means.

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