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Influencer Marketing with COVID-19

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular and lucrative ways for brands in social media marketing.

Influencer marketing involves an influencer, who is most commonly an individual that has an impact on their audience in their social media platform, endorsing a company’s product or service.

So how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected influencer marketing?

As we continue to implement social distancing rules in the non-digital world, the digital world, and especially their social media channels, have rapidly expanded in usage.

This has increased influencer marketing and digital marketing “as more and more people spend time on their phones instead of socializing in real life.” Research has shown that “the average screen time is up to 5h40m per day, [which is] an 18% increase” from weeks prior. (Later)

Additionally, “nearly 80% of influencers reported higher engagement from their followers.” This is most likely because their followers seem to appreciate the sense of normality that comes with viewing familiar faces online, amid the crisis. (Later)

But not every effect of COVID-19 is positive for influencers.

Many influencers require traveling for work or hosting campaigns with a large group of people outdoors. This has caused “20% of influencers [pause] or put 100% of [their deals] on hold.” (Later)

However, due to the overall spike in the digital world and social media popularity, brands and influencers have been able to transition smoothly by “building relationships [and] seeking opportunities where they lie.” Brands that adapt to the new normal of the “influencer ecosystem” will be able thrive. (Talking Influence)

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