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How has Job Search Changed from COVID-19?

Social distancing and quarantine have not only shaped our lifestyles, but also the job hunting and recruiting process, altering our personal and professional lives.

Job applications for remote positions have increased dramatically since the end of March, and we don’t expect it to go down any time soon.

So how has this new remote work popularity shaped the job search?

It’s evident that this new popularity has resulted in more hires for remote work. However, the statistics for hires overall say otherwise. We have seen decreasing hires overall but increased remote work hires.

Companies have also had to increase their online presence. Video interviews and meetings through various applications are increasingly utilized and have eased the transition of the recruiting process. Companies are also having to “plan a great online onboarding process for the new employees” which will also have to be virtual.”

Additionally, starting dates can be a blur. Supermetrics recruiters Marika Salkola says they’re “still recruiting to all [of their] open positions, but the biggest problem lies with deciding on starting dates.”

Many companies all around the world are striving to make the smoothest transition possible to the virtual format in job recruiting.

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