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How Brands are Creating Experiences

Today, people want to have fun and engaging experiences. Not only do great brand experiences draw people in, but they also retain customers.

Recently in Austin, Glossier, a makeup and skincare brand rising in popularity, opened a temporary pop-up shop in late October. From aesthetic displays, pretty-in-pink photo zones, customized shopping bags, limited-time edition merch, to a local ice cream truck on site, Glossier attracted all of Austin’s millennials to their retail site in just 47 days.

Photo from Austin Monthly

"Everything about our stores, from the design and layout, to our friendly Offline Editors [Glossier salespersons], is designed to facilitate discovery and conversation, and to inspire people to participate in Glossier," says senior experiential designer Madelynn Ringo. (taken from CultureMap)

People love Glossier. And Glossier made a lasting impression in Austin.

So, how are other brands creating experiences? What's trending among modern retail stores?

Check out this article to find out:

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