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Google's AMP for Email: The New Frontier

For many people, checking emails is a necessary part of their daily schedule. It’s become such a regular task that it’s become a ritual for some. So when that email routine is interrupted by a pesky link that takes you to another page, people get annoyed. However, in the very near future, they may not need to.

Recently, Google announced its “Gmail Developer Preview of AMP in Email.” AMP, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source initiative that is working towards a framework for developers to make faster-loading, richer mobile content on the web. Last week, Google officially launched AMP for Email, which allows emails to be formatted and sent as AMP documents.

So what does AMP for Email entail?

According to Google, AMP for Email opens up a variety of possibilities. Using a vast library of AMP components such as amp-carousel and amp-list, email developers will be able to design much more interactive components in email. In turn, the overall user experience inside emails will become much more engaging and actionable.

Alright...what does this mean for me?

For marketers, AMP for Email looks very promising when it comes to keeping the consumer’s attention. With the new features made possible by AMP, instead of clicking out of Gmail to purchase a sweater you saw in a store’s promotional email, AMP might make it possible to buy things without even exiting your tab. Even for regular users, AMP might make it easier to interact and communicate with colleagues.

Have a question for the team? Send an email and people may be able to comment directly on the first email sent without having an obnoxiously long list of replies.

Overall, Google’s AMP for Email creates a plethora of opportunities for people to be more interactive, more engaged, and more efficient.

We’re definitely excited to see how this changes the face of customer engagement and ecommerce!

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