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DIG To Speak at Contact.IO

DIG is headed to Denver, Colorado! Members of our team will be traveling from August 31 – September 2 to attend, a call center conference focused on all things calls, texts, and messaging. They will be joining 700+ executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders across numerous sectors, including financial services, healthcare, professional services, and more.

Our very own Nick Mansfield, EVP Broadcast Media, will be speaking at the event during the “How Leading Contact Centers are Fighting Back Against Falling Answer Rates” session. He will be discussing how call originators and lead generators are optimizing their outbound communications to better engage with customers. “Looking to share my experiences and thoughts with such great team at,” shares Mansfield.

Additionally, Puja Amin, General Counsel, will be making a special appearance during the Czar of TCPAWorld’s panel “ATDS Chaos: The TCPA’s Autodialer Definition is More Unclear than Ever Before—Here’s What YOU Should Know” session. Amin is a former speaker, and an avid blogger and speaker on TCPA compliance.

Nick and Puja will be joined by Mike Myles, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Winston Cook, Director of Email and Internal Media.

Register for the event here.

We hope to see you there!

About Digital Thrive:

We're a direct response marketing agency specializing in media buying, lead generation and customer acquisition via call center marketing, digital advertising and print. We leverage owned and operated sites which we use for acquiring customers via Google, Facebook, direct mail and various digital marketing strategies which generate a lead or inbound call. Our core markets are Insurance (health, medicare, life, auto and home), senior-focused products and home services.

We target consumers at the moment they are actively seeking information related to a specific product or service. We drive them to an asset that captures their contact details and any relevant demographic data, and then we market a particular product or service to them through our comprehensive funnel which is powered by email, direct mail, our call center agents and a conversational text chat flow to mobile subscribers.

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