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DIG Gives, highlights of our 'charity of the month' program

Each month we select a team member, on who's behalf we will make a charitable donation to the organization of their choice. This year has brought some fantastic organizations, highlighting animals, women, at-risk youth, the impoverished and more. Here's a recap of those we've helped, and on behalf of which team member:

Hershel Eason – Friends of WCAC "Williamson County is recognized as a progressive community where animals are valued and live in harmony with humans. This is achieved through the enlightened support and responsiveness of both its citizens and its government. The Animal Control program is the best-in-class and known throughout the state and the nation as a model for its low euthanasia rate, proactive programs, and high quality of staff and animal care."

Jen Mansfield– Gabriel House "Your personal gift will ensure that our affordable lodging and Community of Healing programs continue in our mission to improve the quality of life for the guests we serve in their difficult journey through organ transplant procedures and cancer treatment."

Jeni Imperiale – Impact Youth Legacy "Helping our young baseball players afford the expenses of playing travel ball, so every child has an opportunity to play baseball at the level they aspire to."

Joey LaFluer– LA Downtown Women’s Center "Every woman housed.

The Downtown Women’s Center is the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women."

Paul Mansfield– AHS Global "Mission AGS values all students’ unique talents and encourages and challenges students to become intellectually curious, world language proficient, internationally aware and globally responsive. Vision: The Academy for Global Studies engages students in an educational experience that fosters international understanding and welcomes diversity of thought, while preparing students for a globally interconnected world."

We look forward to continuing the tradition in 2022!

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