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DIG Employee Spotlight: Puja Amin

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Our second DIG Employee Spotlight features our General Counsel, Puja J. Amin!

Puja is one of the best-known names in the marketing legal world, as she has vast experience defending and counseling businesses on consumer protection laws. After serving as a Corporate Counsel for loanDepot for over 2 years, she joined Digital Thrive in March. Since then, Puja has helped the company assure peak consumer experience through deft adherence to all applicable consumer protection statutes and regulations.

Puja is passionate about TCPA compliance and has defended some of the largest companies in the nation in major federal court litigation. Her involvements in the TCPA compliance space have earned her the title of “Queenie,” and she is an active writer and podcast host on TCPAWorld.

TCPA compliance is one of the biggest risk areas for lead generating companies like Digital Thrive. Compliance is a very nuanced area of law, and several outbound dial and text companies have been hit with class-action lawsuits as a result. Puja joined Digital Thrive because wanted to make a change in the industry. She hasn’t looked back since she’s joined the team, sharing how “few lead generator companies are looking to work with legal counsels directly. Many companies are generating profits without doing the right thing. So much guidance is needed to work in this industry, and it’s exciting to be so involved and hands on and ensure that we are being compliant and generating profits.”

When she’s not serving as a primary legal resource at DIG or sharing the latest legal news on TCPAWorld, Puja is speaking about compliance across the country in conferences and webinars. She has spoken at conferences including Medicarians,, and Leadscon, and paneled in a series of webinars hosted by ActiveProspect and Contact Center for Compliance.

"Puja's vast knowledge around the compliance of the call space has provided Digital Thrive with a leg up in our ability to ensure our clients are fully protected when sourcing calls. Her expertise is unparalleled around TCPA compliance. We are beyond lucky to have her guiding us right now." Kevin Van Lenten, Executive Vice President.

"Having Puja on our team has been instrumental in shaping our focus as a compliance-driven marketing organization. She has built upon the framework we worked hard to establish within heavily regulated industries, such as Medicare,

to ensure we are always ahead of the curve not only within legal guidelines, but also suggested best practices. Working within a sensitive market, such as a senior-focused space as Medicare insurance, Puja helps ensure we lead with marketing messages that avoid creating consumer confusion, and she supports our goals of always ensuring we deliver the highest quality prospect to our end clients. Puja's dedication to our organization goes beyond legal practices, and she is often seen at conferences speaking on our behalf, letting our industry colleagues and clients know that our focus always has, and continues to be, upon delivering the best quality and highest standard of marketing messages possible. In a market that is sometimes filled with less than compliant sources, we will continue to strive to elevate the perception of marketing agencies with a core appreciation for the good of all." Jennifer Mansfield, CEO.

Puja can be reached at

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