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DIG Employee Spotlight: Glen Kvadus

Updated: Aug 12

We kicked off 2022 with an exciting new hire, Glen Kvadus!

Glen brings more than 20 years experience working for companies such as United Health Group, Travelers and Cigna, and has taken over managing our Sales/Business Development Team. He is currently ensuring that our focus on going direct-to-carrier thrives in 2022 by sharing our successful model with direct Carriers, helping companies like Cigna, Humana, United and BCBS learn how we have helped similar companies over the last 5 years to grow their customer acquisition efforts, often saving more than 25% on their KPI goals.

"After 20+ years in the insurance industry, including different roles from IT to Sales, it's super exciting to join an organization that is evolving and growing like Digital Thrive. It's been exciting for me, because I feel like I will have an opportunity to leverage a lot of what I've learned along my career and apply it to the ever-changing environment we are in. I'm excited to see such a positive response from the large carriers on our solution and it's great bringing clients a capability that helps them grow and generate revenue as well. Digital Thrive has a bright future ahead, and I am happy to a part of the team."

Glen Kvadus, VP Insurances.

You can learn more about Glen here.

Our model of blending fresh long-form endemic leads purchased within our dynamic lead marketplace, alongside social media, email and display traffic to our internally owned websites, as well as a small groups of strategic partner sites, helps clients meet and exceed their customer acquisition goals. Our success has been driven by our unique ability to control every stage of the marketing funnel, from consumer messaging, to web forms, and offering full transparency into our dynamic call center process. When many companies shied away from offering clients the ability to review and approve the entire customer marketing funnel, we embraced it. Our confidence in our ability to offer fully compliant, transparent marketing approach helps set us apart from the rest, and has helped us to gain direct carrier relationships with ease.

You can learn more about our model here. We are happy to build a custom program for our clients, taking a slow and conservative approach to scaling towards large customer acquisition goals.

"We are delighted to have Glen onboard! He has helped us knock down doors that can often be hard to get through given a smaller team. Our focus on helping companies to break through a market that can be challenging, from a compliance stand-point, drives us to be better than the rest. We will always choose the path that is best for consumers and our clients, making sure they are able to connect with the highest quality agents available to help guide them on their quest to find the best products suited for their own unique needs. If you haven't yet met Glen, please reach out! He's not only fantastic at his job, but he's a wonderful person as well. We share a lot of laughs, while also keeping our heads down to ensure success." Jennifer Mansfield, CEO.

Glen can be reached at glen@digthrive.com or directly at 860-384-9761.

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