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Consumer Brand Preference amid the Pandemic

There’s no doubt our lives have drastically changed due to the pandemic.

Along with the Coronavirus crisis, we’ve also experienced social challenges such as racial justice.

Studies found these recent issues have drastically changed the consumer mindset about what brands they purchase from.

Brands will have to come up with creative ways to not only effectively communicate to their audience, but also intentionally.

Overall, consumers are starting to shift their brand preferences by favoring brands that promote inclusion, diversity, and the safety of all.

Despite this overall trend of consumer mindset, “everyone is experiencing this year differently.”

Ketchum’s new study reports that there are four categories of consumers. (Ketchum)

  • Retro Re-engagers (33%)

Retro Re-engagers are “ready to return to the world as it was.” They want to return to the old world before the pandemic and the social justice movements.

  • Open-Minded Explorers (22%)

Open-Minded Explorers “have new priorities as they return to a world reopening.” They experienced their values change in the mist of the recent issues and have new standards as a consumer.

  • Worried Withholders (20%)

Worried Withholders are “not easily influenced, preferring their comfort zones.” They most likely have not changed their brand preferences during the pandemic and aren’t easily swayed by advertisements.

  • Cautious Questioners (25%)

Cautious Questioners are “keeping their distance until they know more.” They tend to avoid shared spaces due to health concerns and want to learn more before making any decisions.

Now more than ever, brands are expected to create meaningful ways to reach their target audience. Brands' “actions around coronavirus safety and addressing systemic racism” are increasingly sought from consumers. Inevitably, this will also impact consumer loyalty in the future.

Ultimately, “consumers are showing a preference for brands that connect in ways relevant to the current situation and in a voice” that is genuine. (Marketing Dive)

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