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Baby Greens: Healthy Fast Food Made Possible

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

CDC reports that 84.8 million U.S. adults consume fast food daily. That’s almost 40% of Americans and the numbers are continuing to rise. Astonishing, right?

Studies have also found that fast food consumption varies by race. CNN states that “a higher percentage of non-Hispanic black adults -- 42.4 percent -- said they consumed fast food than non-Hispanic white adults at 37.6 percent, non-Hispanic Asian adults at 30.6 percent and Hispanic adults at 35.5 percent.” Fast food consumption is definitely affecting various individuals. But what can we do to reduce this number?

This is where Baby Greens comes to the rescue. Baby Greens started with a unique idea of “healthy fast food” as an alternative to fast food since 2004. With a mission to provide nourishing foods along with convenience, they have been serving salads and wraps from a drive-thru option, so customers can easily access their delicious menu.

It gets even better. Baby Greens is founded by Sharon Mays and is one of the black-owned businesses based in Austin. This means you can treat yourself to nutritious foods while supporting a black-owned business with Baby Greens.

Even more during this time, it’s critical that we support black-owned businesses to encourage inclusion and diversity within our communities.

Why not give Baby Greens a chance today and try it for yourself?

For more information, please visit :

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