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2021, a recap of fantastic growth & gratitude

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

As I sit here reflecting on how crazy this year has been, I think about the now 16 team members we have domestically, and 20 total employees that make up our team. The new families we have the pleasure of knowing, and the dynamic personalties we now call our friends. Clients, both mature and new, who we have the pleasure of working with - and truly consider it a pleasure. I'm in awe of the fact that we have grown over 300% YOY since first going to market in 2016, through long hours, talented team members, and a passion that surpasses that of our competition. We work tirelessly to ensure we're meeting and exceeding our clients' goals, and that we are always flexible to their needs. Our clients, and our team members, come first for us, and it shows in how we approach all aspects of running Digital Thrive. From the start of the company we have been a virtual organization, and the global pandemic has helped us to secure talent all across the country, now that many are embracing the benefits of a remote environment. We leverage the flexibility it affords our team to focus on their work-life balance, and ensure we laugh often, and enjoy each others' dynamic personalities. In the end, it's a work hard, laugh hard, play hard mentality that keeps us connected, and thriving, personally and professionally.

I'm grateful for the drive, dedication and commitment to our success that our team shows everyday. They truly 'show up' with a commitment that makes me proud of what we've built, and beyond excited for what's to come.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

With gratitude,


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