About Us


Digital Thrive is a leading direct response marketing agency specializing in lead generation and customer acquisition. Powered by a proprietary technology platform enabling precise decisioning models, Digital Thrive delivers high quality leads and calls at scale within multiple verticals, the largest of which is Medicare followed by Life and Auto Insurance. Following precise, compliance-driven protocols, Digital Thrive targets consumers at the moment they are looking for a relevant product, and through a comprehensive and proprietary outreach method, qualifies and drives those consumers directly to our national Carrier clients. Our model allows consumers to engage when and how they prefer, which delivers a better experience for the consumer, and a more qualified prospect for our clients. 

Offering state targeted calls generated from Google search, Social Media, Email, Targeted websites and direct mail.  Utilizing profile and demographic targeting to ensure highest rates of interest levels, consumers are then contacted by our Call Center agents, via SMS, or routed through their inbound calls to our clients directly, or to our qualifying agents for additional qualification.